Samu’s thoughts about junior tennis

Hi everybody,

It’s been a while since my last blog, and at the end of this eventful year I thought I’d write down some of my thoughts about our junior tennis. Our juniors have developed and raised their level even further with our regular coaching training. Our coaching team is really motivated and professional, which is also visible on the courts. Together we have built and clarified our junior path so that, regardless of the age or level of the player, everyone can progress to their goals as quickly as possible.  Our goal is that the progress on our junior path would be as clear and effective as possible.

This season I myself have been on the courts a lot with younger juniors and it has been a pleasure to see how quickly we have moved from soft balls and mini nets to a bigger court and introduced more challenging balls. I can also see from the juniors, how increase in success also increases interest in tennis and the juniors begin to experience a sense of community, which makes the practices even more fun. You could also consider, whether it would be an option to increase the number of lessons/hours per week in order to further accelerate development.

Hedman Team – our hobby-competitive group was founded three years ago and during this time the players have made a huge leap forward. We started with orange-spot balls, just getting the ball to live so to speak, and now we’re already hitting with hard balls so that I can already put my best in keeping up with the juniors😊. For some of the players, tennis has already become their number one sport and some have started to play somewhat competitively. We also have a lot of players from other clubs, who commend the quality of our coaching and how we invest especially in the teaching quality.

This season a lot of new teenage players have also joined our groups. I think that the great thing about tennis is that it enables you a hobby for the rest of your life, no matter when you start and you can start at any age. TennisHedman has over 200 juniors in the age groups of 4-17 years, so there is certainly a place and a group for everyone.

We have taken into account the requirements of the corona period in our training and we at TennisHedman and Tali Tennis Centre will do everything in our power to ensure that the practices run as safely as possible. Unfortunately, we have had to skip parents’ evenings and playing days, but once things calm down, I will be happy to invite everyone back to parents’ evenings to discuss tennis and training.

I wish everyone a good rest of the year.  Remember, I’m only an e-mail or a phone call away. if there are any questions about tennis and training😊.

With best regards,

Junior and coaching manager
Samu Hartikainen

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