In modern tennis moving equals about 50% of the game.

What is speed on tennis court?
How should you move on tennis court?
How to obtain balance when hitting?

Fit4Tennis-training is in Tali Tennis center on Saturdays 12-13 pm starting from 29.2.20. We train on a tennis court and we focus on the movement and balance. You can do the drills in your own pace and ability. We have 1- 2 skilled professionals who guide participants to right movements and steps. There is a light and fun atmosphere on the court!

In one hour training we have an intensive program based on drills. There are co-ordination exercises, agility and speed exercises and balance and body control exercises. How to move to corner and how to recover. These things you only learn on a tennis court. Tennis rackets are not used in Fit4Tennis.

Fit4Tennis is for all players, who want to get better at tennis. The price is 17,-/ hour.

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